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Washzilla Laundry Ball Reviews 2019 (Don’t Miss 50% OFF)

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Washzilla Laundry Ball Reviews 2019 (Don’t Miss 50% OFF): It is a small spherical ball that will leave you amazed by its performance. It is economical and safe for children.

Washzilla Laundry Ball Reviews:- Do you wonder why your mom keeps telling you to give your dirty clothes for washing? Do you often get annoyed to do the task of washing your clothes and then putting them up to dry in the sun? Does it get under your skin to wash a piece of clothing again and again? If you have to wear it multiple times Don’t worry, and you are not alone. We too feel the same.

Humans first covered their bodies with leaves and animal skin. There were no fancy clothes so they whatever they found to keep their bodies from cold. There was no desire or thought to look smart and stylish. As time went by, clothes invented. Made from wool, cotton, silk, polyester, and Nylon, our clothing became more about looking good.

Human beings understood that clothes should wash to remove dirt and sweat. Hence, the concept of washing clothes came into being. Unfortunately, as families formed and men and women segregated into their roles, the responsibility of keeping clothes clean fell upon the shoulders of the women of the family. A significant chunk of time and energy of the women were spent washing the clothes of the entire family and drying them under the sun. 

Centuries later, as new technology came into being; scientists solved this issue by inventing the washing machine. Brilliant machinery that takes all the clothes washes them together in one go. Another feature of the devices soaked the clothes dry. However, something was amiss. Even though after pouring in large scoops of washing powder, the clothes aren’t as clean. The result consumes more time and energy. That is why an eco-friendly laundry ball is here for your rescue.

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What is Washzilla Laundry Ball? 

Washzilla Laundry Ball Reviews is a laundry ball that requires minimum space to store and is very easy to use. It comes in the shape of a cricket ball and is convenient to use. It is an eco-friendly way to wash clothes as it saves water and energy. It is safe for sensitive skin and keeps clothes tidy.

Who needs Washzilla Laundry Ball?

Washzilla Laundry Ball is for people who want a quick solution to washing their clothes in one go. It gives your clothes a brand new feel and removes all stains and dirt. If you’re someone who is looking to keep your clothes clean less expensively and safely, then you must try this laundry ball.

How to use It?

Washzilla Laundry Ball is an easy to hold spherical laundry ball. It contains pellets or seeds inside that give you up to three hundred washes. All you have to do is toss the Washzilla Laundry Ball balls into your washing machine along with the pile of dirty clothes. 

As the ball scrubs on the clothes, it works wonders to remove stains from the deepest layers of the clothes. The secret lays in the small bio-ceramic seeds inside the ball that change the PH level of the water. When the PH level balances out, you get deep clean clothes that are much better as compared to washing with your regular clothes.

Advantages of using Washzilla Laundry Ball

  • It is easy to store as there are no criteria for temperature.
  • It is safe around children and will not cut their hands, in case they happen to hold it.
  • The abrasive surface cleans clothes better.
  • The usage of warm water will kill all bacteria and germs.

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Technical Specifications of Washzilla Laundry Ball

The surface of the ball helps in removing tough stains from the clothes which most of the time are not possible in the detergent wash. It has mini seeds that are chemically safe and saves the quality of the clothes.

The abrasive exterior allows the ball to remove the most difficult stains and odor from the depth. The body of the Washzilla Laundry Ball made of plastic. It is lightweight and is safe to hold. 

Is Washzilla Laundry Ball better than other options?

Yes, a hundred times. A regular detergent has harmful chemicals that too, not just one but several. Even the detergents that are very expensive and claim to use fewer chemicals are very toxic for your clothes. Sulfate and other acidic compounds wear off your clothes in a short period when washed regularly. The harshness of the detergent erodes the material of the clothes and makes them look old. 

Washzilla Laundry Ball acts as a savior in these cases, and the company understands how much you love your clothes. A middle-class person spends nearly half their income in buying comfortable clothes for the year. Some are not as expensive as the others. It hurts to see your favourite piece of clothing spoilt by regular detergents. 

Washzilla Laundry Ball takes care of the newness of your clothes. The bioceramic seeds change the PH level of the water, making cleaning a less harsh process. It is recommended to use Washzilla Laundry Ball only with warm water that assures of any bacteria in the clothes. 

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Price of Washzilla Laundry Ball

Washzilla Laundry Ball is very cost-effective. In only about one-fifth of the amount of your regular detergent, you can get three hundred washes per year.

Where to buy Washzilla Laundry Ball?

Washzilla Laundry Ball is only available online. You can order it directly from its official website. They are offering a great discount with worldwide free shipping.

Washzilla Laundry Ball Reviews


Washing clothes have never been easier and happier. Washzilla Laundry Ball brings to you a new technology that makes washing fun. It gives you desired results and that too at a lesser price. The gentle wash cleans your clothes in a way your detergents could not.

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