Us Fit Wear Reviews [April 2020] Is It Safe To Buy?


Us Fit Wear Reviews [April 2020] Is It Safe To Buy? -> This article is meant for those who wish to learn more about

Are you into fitness? Are daily work out regimes an indispensible part of your lifestyle? Then you ought to look your best there even. Visiting the gym or jogging in the neighborhood park does require you to face different people.

So, why shouldn’t you be well dressed when you are going out for your regular walks or exercises? We interact with so many individuals outside our home. We observe each other and smile.

If we are presentable and dressed to suit the situation, we will gather positive stares, which will beam up our day. So, the next time you wake up to put on your jogger shoes; do give a little more attention towards wearing the appropriate outfit, embellishments and so on.

Presenting before you, this online store is dedicated towards catering fitness apparel, accessories, shoes etc., for both men and women. This company has originated in the United State.

What is Us Fit Wear?

You can find all sorts of compression, vest, belts, wrist wraps, apparel, singlet and jewellery for both the sexes. Normally, these items are worn during rigorous outdoor activities, physical trainings and professional sports.

The clothings are specifically designed with the perspective of keeping the wearer comfortable yet fashionable at the outlook. Each item is a sport wear collection to pull you through the fitness regime that you undertake regularly.

So, without disregarding this time, adorn yourself with the best possible outfit and accessories to suit your style and mood while wrenching it out in the gym or outside.

How does it work? is yet another online store which has been launched recently but with a promising product line. With the increasing susceptibility to diseases and infections, we should take care of our health making it strong internally.

Eating right and exercising are the two vital anecdotes to most ailments that we encounter in our daily lives. What if we attach a sheen of glamour into our regular walks and jogs by wearing good clothes, shoes and others? lets you choose through it’s vast repertoire of products and soughts advance payment through PayPal. The ordered items should be delivered to you, following their shipping policy.

Who should buy from here?

If you wish to return or exchange any of the purchased items, then you can contact the company through The company address is :

Rumena Buzharovska

6215 Kestral View Road, Trussville,

AL 35173 United States

Tel : (315) 719-9789

The cost for returning the items will be borne by the customers themselves.

Why is it famous?

The website has a secured SSL certification, which ensures safe and secure encryption of data. The store has a separate section flashing big sale wherein, customers can purchase products at a discount of 20-30%.

This is quite grand, when it comes to affordability. Anyway, all the products are available at a much cheaper price in comparison to their standard market value. 

Unlike many online stores, which ask the customers to return goods to China, this one has it’s office located in America itself and assures valid refunds too.

What are the negative remarks about it?

There are some hidden clauses in the return policy as mentioned in You can only exchange a swim wear for another thing, so this isn’t comfortable. Secondly, there is no ‘About Us’ section present in this portal, which is abnormal.

There is no elaborate description of the products in terms of brand, make and quality except an one liner. So, one can only depend on the images and decide on buying stuff. Pictures can be easily copied from ‘Google’ and prices faked.

Many ingenuine companies do exploit customer’s emotions by flashing big sales and discounted prices to lure them into buying the goods, where in actuality, the products either don’t reach the buyer or inferior quality substitutes are received.

is us fitwear legit?

So, beware of such new online store launches, before you invest any money. The website also do not seem to have that many external links and social media presence that a new website must obtain.

Few icons of social media handles are exhibited on the website but in reality the company is found nowhere in these. The company also has deviated in terms of sticking to it’s core product line. 

On one hand it represents clothing and accessories meant for sports and fitness while on the other hand it is advertising 3D printers and deep freezers available at alarmingly low prices.


The matter doesn’t end here. Since has already raised suspicion in the customer’s mind, if you check on the other variables, you might find discrepancies there too.

For example, the owner’s address mentioned is traceable on ‘Google map’ but it isn’t any office or company rather a residential house. Should you still trust this business?

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