Is The Bucket List Family Scam or Legit? Giveaway, Christmas


Is The Bucket List Family Scam or Legit? Giveaway, Christmas – Ever waited to get a real time tour guide? A family that comprises of Mommy, Daddy and kids(both male & female).

Ever waited to get a real time tour guide? Is bucket list family scam or legit? It is a family that comprises of Mommy, Daddy and kids (both male and female) who perform some bucket list family giveaway for their subscribers at bucket list family Christmas. If you are planning an expedition to a faraway place from your home, and you ponder over how your kids be placed or as a hobby, how would you be placed? 

Then, just stop thinking, because here are these real time travelers, who would guide you through your tours in a manner they face them themselves. First start with from what to pack, like clothes, accessories for the trip and of course your snappiest, which should last a lifetime.

What is the bucket list family?

It is family who are making videos and sales some item through its website https://www.thebucketlistfamily.com/. And they perform some bucket list family giveaway for their subscribers at bucket list family Christmas. And they have a youtube channel name The Bucket List Family.

There are five members in the family of bucket list family. 

This Gee family of Garrett, Jessica, Dodoshii , Mia and Cali have travelled almost every part of the world and they want to contribute their experiences regarding the countries they visit, in the form of photographs. They have built a virtual fan club following Instagram and youtube, which is meant to grope in more interested members for enjoying their travel escapades.

The family is now based at Hawaii, but never the less, they haven’t compromised on the travel spree front. The kids have their own stories to tell, in terms of their temporary adaptation to the countryside, while Jessica and Garrett love to share their own tales regarding each visit that they make.

The family is vibrant and likes being adventurous. Even, the marvelous kids Dorothy, Manila and Callahan do not shy away from discovering newness in all their journeys. That’s what makes the family special!

The destinations chosen are almost all the major countries across the globe.

Let’s take up a few examples, as to how do they go about it.


This, they exclaim as a luxurious trip with the dive boat journey in Tiger Blue video. The crew, food, cabins, weather and especially diving were beyond their expectation. This time the kiddos didn’t accompany them but many members did, which added a feather in the already crowning, majestic experience. The link above shows real video captured while driving and trust me, it’s enthralling to see how organized a trip can be without missing the fun element in any bit. 

Jessica and Garrett are just simple and great company, mingling so well with every member, enjoying the lovely water land Indonesia with all the friends. Starting from the first glimpse of the golden sun till having meals together, enjoying in music and exploring the blues carefree are parts of this real aimless sojourn. 

The fun doubles when you get company. The details about the trip are sculpted beautifully, taking note of all nuances spanning the trip. If you want to see the video of bucket list family, then click on the link given Videos of Bucket list Family.


Tahitian holidays were all about a family vacation. The green lapse with water kissing the shores was a spectacular sight. The video clearly shows how a family can enjoy themselves at Tahiti. Details of planning are well mentioned in the website, so that you don’t have to go hunting for the best deals.

Is Bucket List Family a scam?

Absolutely not they all are legit! The feel, every bit of the sojourn, starting from the whereabouts of the host family till social media links of every member featured in the videos, corroborate the fact that this exists. It exists evidently, for you to make it real. The videos look realistic as they are live shots without editing, and you see the destinations close up for that thrill feel up your nerves.

Bucket list family can’t be a scam as these are live people, who even join you in your trips, if you are a member of their club. The way the young kids enjoy with their parents, speaks of their safety stand in every trip. You don’t have to worry about the safe keeping of your family members anymore.

Additionally, the apparel and gadgets suited to your planned adventure moods are all available in the same website, so you are all prepared before you leave for your holiday destination. Enjoy the hideous gifts this Christmas from the bucket list family. Watch the video.

Nothing is unreal about the ventures of this adventurous family. They are just like any other family, who likes to travel and explore places, thereby earning their livelihood and spreading happiness among many more families.

Make them their own this season by booking a trip among the bucket of destinations they have. Make it a wistful happening, taking full guidance of the vacation through the experiences of Jessica, Garrett and their kids.

There are several online websites who sport country vacations by providing discounted accommodation facilities, fooding and a whole itinerary of tour. In such scenarios, you don’t get the feel of the experience, that you are about to encounter. It’s either; you get verbal information from known earlier visitors or just a plain guide, who would talk about the tourist places and what they are famous for.

Bucket list family is different. Their concept of a tour is a complete package of relaxation, fun and everything that a family desires on thinking of a vacation. The live shot videos and the almost alive pictures that are shot by the family during their trips are a testimony to how your actual bubble could be. Seeing the shared videos and pictures on Instagram and Facebook, you can decide for yourself, where you want to go. That’s it! The rest can be left for the Bucket List family’s guided tour specifications for following.

So, wait no more. Try one now!


I, being a single mother, always worry about my son’s and my safety before planning for any outdoor travel. But, after seeing the Bucket list family’s claims, I have changed my mind and have developed a confidence for travelling around the world with them. They are just like any of us. It is Fun loving, adventurous and doting parents for their trio.

When your passion becomes your career, then there’s no stopping it. Whatever you do comes out as the best in you.

So, is done by the Bucket list family. Their passionate travel stories are awesome and inspiring. They bring out the best of every place; they visit and want others too share the same feel. What can be better than this?

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