Jive Pods Review 2020 [Read This Before Buying]


Have you been facing issues with your corded earphones because of the tangles they create? If so, replace them with Jive Pods – the wireless headphones with superior sound quality.  

Most of us get frustrated while untangling the cords of our earphones, especially when we need to plug them on in urgency. However, with these wireless headphones, you will not face any such problem anymore. Selected as the ‘best Bluetooth Ear Buds 2020, Jive Mini Pods’ product is the answer to the mess created in the form of tangles by your standard earphones. 

What are Jive Pods?

These are mini wireless headphones, which allow freedom from cords as well as from getting tangled up. Uniquely stylish and trendy, these mini pods are becoming amazingly popular in countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.    

The tiny earphones comfortably fit on all ears and sticks to them when you are working out at the gym, running, or doing yoga. Being completely waterproof makes them all the more useful as you can put them on even when it rains.


If you have been wasting money on overpriced earphones all this while, it is time to stop buying them now. Switch your preference to mini Jive mini pods best buy for excellent sound quality, long-lasting battery, and compatibility with all phones.   

Advantages with mini sized Jive Pods

  • The first benefit is, of course, its crystal clear audio.
  • They are moulded in a way to comfortably fit the contour of all ear types, and to stick firmly in the ears of any shape.
  • Completely water and sweatproof, so you can use it while it rains or while exercising. 
  • Sleek in size, trendy and lightweight product that suits one and all
  • It allows you to answer calls and control music with one tap. So, besides answering calls, you can play, pause, control volume, and skip songs by tapping the side of the earphone.  
  • On immediate order, you get up to 50% OFF.

Features of Jive pods

Jiveminipods are fitted with studio-quality 32-ohm stereo sound for the best sound pleasure. It presents top of the range of voice quality at the most affordable price.  

It is enabled with 5.0 Bluetooth with a 10-meter range that pairs in less than a second. Moreover, the product is compatible with all phones and other devices like tablets, laptops, smart TV.

Another benefit is its quick charge 3.0 technology that provides extended battery life to last for up to 30 hours. So you don’t need to charge it daily, and it also offers low- power consumption.

It comes in a compact pocket size design with a charging case capacity of 600mAh. Moreover, the product is less than 50 grams of weight and less than 6 cm in length.

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How does Jive Mini Pods work? 

The Jive mini pod works effortlessly. All you need is to pair it with your Bluetooth, and it instantly connects with any device within seconds.  The pair automatically matches your mobile as soon as you take them out of the case.  

It is a product offering a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee. The best thing is that you can monitor the battery status of the earphone on your cell phone. Since most of the wireless headsets available are exorbitantly expensive, this product is gaining tremendous momentum among customers worldwide.   

What more, you also get a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on these earphones, thus making the deal further appealing. 

How to use Jive Pods?

The product is easy to use. Just place the earphones on both your ear firmly. These earphones are moulded perfectly to fit the shape of all ear types comfortably. They stick firm in your ears and don’t move even if you run, exercise, or do any other physical activity. 

How is Jive Pods better than other products?

These earphones are better than any other available products in the market because they are very efficient, affordably priced, and of the best quality. While most other wireless headphones are costly and out of budget for most of us, jive pod is easily inexpensive. 

Moreover, they offer the best sound quality and the best audio system. They are waterproof, so you can use them while exercising and during rains. Place your order now to avail of the limited stock with free shipping.

Jive Mini Pods Feature

Customer reviews:

Below are some Jive pods review to get a better understanding of the product. 

  1. Nicholas – these are amazingly good earphones available at a reasonable price. I have started using them for a few months now and loving the experience. The product offers an impressive amount of battery that lasts quite long. 
  2. Sara B – I was looking for a pair of wireless earphones to use during my exercise regime. I bought this pair on recommendation from a friend. They are outstanding and worthy of the money invested. I could do yoga and other exercises effortlessly by wearing these earphones.
  3.  Elisa Doyle – these earphones are the coolest ones I have used so far. Moreover, they don’t need you to spend a fortune. They are awesome. Just try them, and you will love them.

Where to buy Jive Mini Pods?

We highly recommend buying these earphones from the company website, which is the most authentic place to shop them. Moreover, the Jive pods are not available on sale in Amazon, so better to buy from the company portal.  

Along with being reliable, the company website also offers numerous great deals that you can avail of. That way, you are sure to get the best quality product.  

Are jive mini pods legit? This is a comment that some people ask while looking for wireless earphones. Of course, these are the most legit pair of earphones available in the market right now. They offer amazing sound quality and have a much better battery life than any other wireless headset available to shop online. 

There is no jive mini pods scam as suggested over the internet. Just order your pair and see how efficiently they work. You will love to use them.

Jive Mini Pods scam

Final verdict

This is an amazing and efficient product, getting popular among people across countries. Further, when most such related products are so very expensive, jive pods offer the best choice at a reasonable price. We highly recommend the product. Grab your pair soon. If you order now, you can avail the Exclusive Offer 50% DISCOUNT.

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