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Cathego Sandals Reviews [2020] Is it a Scam Or Legit?


Cathego Sandals Reviews [2020] Is it a Scam Or Legit? -> In this article, you get to know about an online sandals store for women.

Buy the most comfortable footwear for women from Cathego Sandals.

Have you heard about Cathego Shoes Scam? If yes, then do you believe that the website is a scam? Have you bought footwear from this site before?

Cathego Sandals Reviews say that the website is a scam and in this blog, we are going to tell you if this is legit or a scam.

The United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom are the countries where women have bought footwear from this website in a large number. But this site delivers its products all over the globe.

Why do you think sites scam people? Is this a new way of online marketing and earning money?

Well, here we are going to talk only about this site, and you will read the specifications, the advantages of buying from this website, and some customer reviews as well.

What are cathego sandals? is a website that sells women footwear. The site has different styles like shoes, boots, heels, wedges, and a few more options to choose from. The most sold design is that of sandals.

Customers are re-purchasing cathego sandals. If you are willing to buy reasonable but very comfortable sandals, then this website is of your type. The designs are elegant and can be worn daily.

Specifications of cathego sandals:

  • Website- Women sandals and other footwear
  • Payment- Online via PayPal, Debit cards, and credit cards
  • Delivery time- It may take up to 6 weeks
  • Order processing time- Might take up to 2 weeks
  • Cancellation- only if done immediately   
  • Refund- allowed and will be credited in 7 days
  • Returns- accepted only if an item is returned in 30 days

Should you buy cathego sandals?

Whenever a new site enters the online market, the very first question that comes to the mind of a buyer is about its authenticity. People are now very much aware of how some online sites fake the products and scam people for money.

Some buyers had the same thought about Cathego. Is cathego scam or legit was their question. Let us tell you that as per what we see on the company’s social media pages, it seems like this is an excellent website. And also, the company is active on such platforms. It is only possible when a site receives good customer response.

Advantages of buying from Cathego:

  • You get to but pocket-friendly footwear
  • You can return the sandals in 30 days if you do not like it or it is damaged
  • In 30 days, you can take time to check if the sandal is comfortable for you
  • In case you want to return the item then you will also get the refund
  • This site is already well-known on the Facebook meaning that customers have liked the sandals

Where does Cathego lack?

  • Cash on delivery is not yet available
  • It might take a long time to ship and deliver the item
  • If you return the item, then you will have to pay for the shipping charge
  • The designs shown on this site are also available on other sites

What are the customers saying about Cathego?

Customers have shared their valuable responses to the site and shopping experience. Buyers say that they received genuine footwear from the website. They appreciate the finishing and quality of the items they have bought.

Shoppers say that the delivery was made on time and when some of them asked for a refund, they received it in 5 days only. Although some customers were not satisfied with the online store, the majority of the reviews are positive.

The site is highly appreciated on social media as well, and you can read the real reviews on social media pages of the company.

Final Verdict

You might have seen many online sites that sell women footwear. Some websites sell the sandals at a very reasonable price while some sell similar items too costly. But there are online stores that keep coming every day. And online shoppers want to buy from these sites.

There is no harm in trying out new websites and new items, but all you have to be careful about is scams. As the day to day scams are increasing, we want our readers to stay alert. We suggest you guys purchase from this website if you want to. And if you are still confused about the authenticity of the website, then you can visit the Facebook and other social media pages of the site to read the comments.

  1. Julie fagner 7 months ago

    I ordered two pair money taken immediately and not a word no confirmation nothing but a text saying you recurved it nothing else please let me know what’s going on I have been scammed before I want the shoes but I will get my money back one way or another

  2. Barinia Williams 6 months ago

    I ordered 3 pairs of shoes on March 27th, I got the email with my confirmation and they also took the money of my account but I have not received the shoes nor a tracking number. I would like answer as well.

  3. Latonya Johnson 6 months ago

    I ordered a pair of sandals on April 12 and received an email with a tracking number on April 21. Each time I click on tracking, it says “Sorry! No tracking info yet. This makes me think twice about checking other Facebook ads.

  4. Maureen Schoonover 4 months ago

    I ordered shoes..They took my money abd no shoes..i will report them if i dont recieve my shoes..

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