Bird es1 300 Review 2019 – Is Best Electric Scooter or Not?

Bird es1 300 Review 2019 - Is Best Electric Scooter or Not

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Bird es1 300 Review 2019 – Is Best Electric Scooter or Not? -> explains why it is one of the best electric scooters available in the market.

Electric scooters have gained widespread popularity in recent years among kids, teens and adults alike. Although they may resemble the old scooters from the past, they are lightweight, compact and simple machines that are equipped with motor and battery systems for speed and distance. There are several advantages of owning an electric scooter, such as, you don’t really need a lot of practice to learn how to ride them, you don’t have to pay for fuel, they are environmentally friendly, they are low maintenance, etc. So, if you’re keen to buy an electric scooter that is reasonably priced and but provides an effective performance, looks no further! Presenting, Bird ES1-300 Electric Scooter

What is Bird ES1-300 Electric Scooter?

Bird es1 300 Review:- Launched in Santa Monica, California, in 2017, Birds is one of the most reputed and top names in the market of electric scooters right now and now they have launched their next-generation scooter which is more durable, powerful and longer-lasting than their previous electric scooters. Bird ES1-300 Electric Scooters are the new-age electric scooters, equipped with cutting edge Bird technology that can reach top speeds of 15.5 miles per hour on a single charge. 

Why do you need Bird ES1-300 Electric Scooter?

Choosing electric scooters as your main mode of commuting isn’t that’s something “hip” and “vogue” but it is actually a very practical and convenient mode of transportation. They are not only fast, fun, caters to all age groups, eliminates the high expenses of gas, oil changes, repairs, and other costs that come with owning a traditional scooter, but they are also very environmentally friendly, which is why they have popped up everywhere. Bird ES1-300 is a must-buy for every electric scooter lover. It is a high-powered ride offered at the lowest price with features to die for.

Benefits of using Bird ES1-300 electric Scooter – 

  • It can reach the top speeds of 15.5 miles per hour and can cover up to 15.5 miles on a single charge.
  • It is lightweight and compact and therefore it is easily transportable anywhere.
  • It is equipped with both electric brake as well as mechanical braking systems to provide the rider more control while they ride.
  • It comes with a front-facing LED headlight that lights up the road ahead of you and increases your visibility to others around you to prevent accidents from happening.
  • The heavy coil suspension on the front wheel provides shock absorption to minimize bouncing while riding.
  • It comes with a 30-day warranty. 
  • It is affordably priced. 

Product Specifications and Technical Aspects –

  • 300-Watt Motor
  • Its Product Dimensions are: 38.9 x 9.1 x 22.7 inches; 27.6 pounds.
  • It consists of 1 Lithium-ion battery required. 
  • It has 8” front tires, 7.5” rear tires.
  • It has 700 watts of max engine power.
  • It has a maximum payload of 220 pounds.
  • It is UL-2272 certified.

How does Bird ES1-300 electric scooter work?

The manufacturer claims that you can ride from point A to B and then back again on this new age scooter than runs on the high-powered upgraded motor of 300-Watt that can boost up to 700 watts of maximum engine power to provide the rider a higher torque along with the extremely powerful ride. To provide the rider complete control over the vehicle, it is equipped with a dual braking mechanism that includes both an electric brake and a mechanical one. The scooter has coil suspension in the front which absorbs road shocks and blocks to help minimize bouncing. 

The digital LED display in the middle of the handlebar displays speed and battery level. The handlebar is also equipped with thumb controls for the throttle, brakes, and a horn. The LED headlight, brake light, and front and ground effect lights for safety and light and aesthetics. 

How to use Bird ES1-300 Electric Scooter?

  • Start by flipping the latch which you can find at the base of the steering column to unlock your scooter. It will raise the scooter in a full and upright position. 
  • Turn on the switch by pressing the power button. Now check the LED display to look at the information such as the battery life indicator.
  • The handbrake can be found on the handlebars. Since scooter brakes can be very sensitive, go on easy until you become comfortable with your new scooter. 
  • To get started hit the throttle. Throttle will also help you to increase or decrease power.
  • If you feel like you’re ready to stop, use your foot or the brakes. Once you arrive at your destination, remember to turn the scooter off.
  • Finally, fold the scooter back up, engage the latch and you’re done. 

What makes Bird ES1-300 electric scooter different from others?

Unlike other electric scooters in the market, Bird ES1-300 comes with both electric and mechanical brakes which ensure safety by giving you complete control over your vehicle. It comes with a 300-Watt high powered motor that allows higher torque and powerful ride which is a bonus for the scooters in this price range. 

What are people saying about this product?

Chris Markle from Arizona says, “I bought this scooter to commute to my office daily and I would say this is the best money I ever spent. It has a long battery life and very smooth to ride. Plus, it was super reasonably priced.”

Sara Wilkinson from Georgia says, “It is very easy and fun to ride. There’s no need to set up an app and another hassle. Just turn it on and you’re ready to go.”

Final Verdict –

If you’re looking for a lightweight, a compact scooter that is high powered and completely safe and also affordably priced, goes for Bird ES1-300 electric scooter.

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