Monday, December 2, 2013

Whisky Shop W. Exclusive Wine-Finished Yamazaki

Post by Stefan Van Eycken, Tokyo

A couple of years ago, Whisky Shop W. started releasing 300ml bottles with specially vatted malt or grain from their distilleries. They were ideal gifts – interesting for novices (who didn’t want to splash out on full-sized bottles yet) and seasoned whisky drinkers (who are always keen to try different expressions) alike – and became very popular. Today, Whisky Shop W. are starting to sell their fifth release. This time it is a 10-year old Yamazaki that has been finished for 2 years in red-wine casks. This is further proof of a relatively recent trend towards wine-finishing in Japanese whisky (after Mars' wine-finished Iwai Tradition and 10yo, and Suntory’s Hibiki Deep Harmony). [For more information see my contribution to the next issue of Whisky Magazine.]
It is bottled at 43% abv and although the reported outturn is 1,500, Whisky Shop W. have informed us that (initially) 600 of these will be offered for sale in their online shop. Sounds like the perfect Christmas gift… but I wouldn’t wait for someone else to realize that. Grab one while you can!


Wolfgang said...

can you please advise the www for the whisky shop w ?
thanks a lot
wolfgang / mannheim, germany

Wolfgang said...

ok...just saw it under the grab it...

Stefan Van Eycken said...

Oh, just to avoid disappointment: Whisky Shop W. don't ship abroad. Unless you have a Japanese address and a Japanese credit card, your chances of buying this are slim.

Guillaume Barth said...

Interesting to see that red-wine casks are used.
Any idea wich wine is used (i don't remember drinking so much japanese red-wine in Japan)?

Sadly I won't be able to try it, away from Japan now.

Stefan Van Eycken said...

More and more wine-casks are used for the maturation (often secondary maturation) of Japanese whisky. There is LOADS of Japanese wine... in fact, most parent companies of Japanese whisky distilleries own vineyards. In fact, it's difficult to understand why it has taken so long for them to (openly) start using ex-wine casks, seeing as they have plenty of them around.