Friday, May 17, 2013

“Deep Harmony” – a new, limited Hibiki

Post by Stefan Van Eycken, Tokyo
A few days ago, Suntory released a new no-age-statement Hibiki entitled “Deep Harmony”. This new edition is built around Hakushu malt matured in ex-red wine casks and Chita grain matured in ex-sherry casks. The blenders consider this to be a variation on the sweet and elegant taste profile of the Hibiki 17 but it’s quite unique because of the use of ex-red wine cask matured Hakushu. It’s bottled at 43% abv, and retails for 13,000 yen. The label is a ‘sakuranezu’ [a traditional Japanese sort of mauve] coloured special type of washi, suggestive of grapes (in reference to the red wine and sherry origin of the casks used to mature the components). It is exclusively available to the bar trade here in Japan, but I’m sure some bottles will find their way on local auction sites (as with the bar-exclusive umeshu-finished Yamazaki a few years ago). Stay tuned for detailed tasting notes.


wataru said...

Kameya has been dribbling out six bottles at a time on their online service. I got a bottle on the second try, though it sold out right away. First impressions are very positive, though the taste is a little overwhelming if you try to drink it straight. The aroma and finish are especially remarkable.

Stefan Van Eycken said...

Thanks for your comment. I noticed, too, that Kameya has been selling the Deep Harmony Hibiki. It's all a bit confusing: it was supposed to be a bar-trade only bottling, but they're everywhere online (albeit in small quantities) and on auction sites, too. Glad to hear you like it, though!