Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In the Shadow of Ichiro’s Cards: Bar Lagg Time 7th Anniversary Bottling

Post by Stefan Van Eycken, Tokyo
We’re continuing our mini series about obscure Hanyu releases related to the famous Card Series with this bottling for another Tokyo bar.

Very few people will be familiar with this particular release since it was a limited edition of – brace yourself – 24 numbered bottles. The occasion was the celebration of the 7th anniversary of Bar Lagg Time in October 2006. All nice and well, you may think, but what makes this interesting is the fact that it’s from the same cask – mizunara hogshead #9500 – as the “Two of Clubs”, which was released the following year (and in that year the abv dropped a percentage, from 58% to 57%abv).

We’re quite fond of this label, understated but playful, and a little surprised that nobody ever followed up on this brilliant “whisky for the whole family” idea: while mum and/or dad ponder the merit of the liquid inside, the kids can have some fun with the actual bottle. What’s not to like?

Read more about Hanyu Distillery here.

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