Thursday, April 4, 2013

Suntory to release “Premium Kakubin”

Post by Stefan of Tokyo Whisky Hub
Whereas the 80s in Japanese whisky were all about “light” whisky, this year seems to herald a change in the opposite direction – the keyword now is “rich”. A few weeks ago, we introduced Nikka’s new “Black Nikka Rich Blend”. Now, we’re thrilled to be able to introduce a “premium” version of Suntory’s iconic “Kakubin”.

The first three months of this year, Suntory’s regular “Kakubin” sold 105% compared with last year, so the Suntory execs felt people were ready for something a bit… well, yes … “richer”. This blend is built around ex-sherry and ex-wine cask matured Yamazaki and Hakushu and it’s advertised under the slogan “手に届く贅沢” (“Te ni todoku zeitaku”, which loosely translates as “luxury within reach” or “luxury you can get your hands on”). You’ve been working long hours. Your boss is riding you - as usual. It’s late. You’re tired… and on your way home, you want something a little special to say to yourself: “well done, buddy”. And that’s where the “Premium Kakubin” comes in. (I paraphrase but that is how Suntory is marketing this.)

It’ll go on sale on May 21st and will retail for about 2,000 yen for a full-sized bottle (bottled at 43%abv). Suntory is holding a special advance-tasting at the Suntory Museum in Tokyo Midtown on May 9th from 7pm to 8:30pm. Nonjatta will be there and we’ll bring you the first tasting notes live from the event. Exciting times.


Kevin Chan said...

any idea if this will make it Stateside? I live in NY and love Suntory's whiskys

Stefan said...

No, I'm afraid not. Japan only.

Mark said...

Where are tasting notes?