Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eigashima's first single cask release

Post by Stefan of Tokyo Whisky Hub
Whisky spent the first three years of its life in a hogshead, and was then transferred to bourbon cask #1129, maturing for a further year and four months. It's bottled at 55% abv and there are just 360 bottles. This is a significant development for Eigashima and comes as a bit of a surprise in light of their recent switch to NAS. This particular cask was originally bottled for Hanshin Department Store in Umeda, Osaka for their Whisky World Fair (February 6-19, 2013) but is now available, while stocks last, in their regular liquor section. The Hanshin department store liquor section was nothing to write home about up until recently, but the fact that they made this - the first ever single cask from Eigashima - happen, may be a sign that things are changing in the basement there.
Hanshin Whisky World Fair 2013


captain said...

thanks for the heads up. is this only available in the osaka hanshin store? i can't find it on the online shop. i am in tokyo. cheers.

Nonjatta said...

Unfortunately these releases do not make it to their online shop and only for sale in Osaka right now.
We would recommend to give them a call to see if they can ship to you in Tokyo and perhaps mention you read it on Nonjatta.