Friday, February 15, 2013

Cool Bourbon: DiCaprio for Suntory's Jim Beam

Post by Stefan of Tokyo Whisky Hub.

From tomorrow (February 16th), Suntory will launch a new campaign to promote their Jim Beam under the banner "Cool Bourbon", a new way of drinking bourbon (i.e. with lots of ice). As part of this, they will also start airing a new commercial featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, a short 15-second version of which you can see on the Suntory website. It'll be interesting to see how the Japanese drinking populace will react to this new, "cool" bourbon.


Han said...


I am trying to convince my father that Japanese whiskey is no longer so terrible. I admit, it is 99.9% because if I can't give him alcohol, I have no idea what to give him for x-mas/bdays. He hates sake.

Anyways, while I would love to go to a bar and try all of these, I don't drink. Ever, at all. This means I have no ability to appreciate whiskey, the smell is so strong... suffice it to say, I can't appreciate it the way it deserves.

My dad's favorite is Talisker, any age, for the smoky/peaty flavor. Are there any whiskeys that compare in Japan? Or, am I SOL on another gifting front?

If it helps at all, he usually drank about a finger after dinner when we had family movie night, now, maybe once a week after dinner?

Thanks for any help you can provide, I truly appreciate it.

Stefan said...


Thanks for your comment. My recommendation would be to give your dad a Hakushu Heavily Peated. It really is in a category of its own. I'm sure he'd enjoy that.



Han said...


Looks like this will be an easy find too, thankfully. I'll grab it in Tokyo on my way home next x-mas. Best part is, I don't have to wrap it, thank you department stores!

Ahem, anyways, thanks for the advice. I don't suppose there are any places in Tokyo that sell minis/samples of this? I have seen a mini or two at Tokyu Hands, but that is about it.

Stefan said...

No, there are no minis of this. You'll have to buy on faith!

chris said...

I believe they had them in 180mL bottles in the past. Not sure about this year's release though.