Friday, December 7, 2012

Eigashima 14yo Batch 2

Post by Stefan of Tokyo Whisky Hub.

In the spring of this year, we wrote about the oldest Eigashima expression to date, a 14-year old that was matured in Spanish oak ex-sherry wood for 12 years and a half and then "finished" for a further year and a half in an ex-white wine cask from their winery in Yamanashi. The second batch has just been released and is available from their webshop now, but this one is slightly different. It started life in the same way -12 years and a half in a Spanish oak ex-sherry cask - but the whisky was then transferred to an American oak ex-sherry cask where it spent about a year and a half before being "finished" once again in an ex-white wine cask, but only for half a year. The bottling strength is slightly different (58% for the 1st batch, 56% for this 2nd batch) and the tasting notes provided by the company seem to suggest a marked difference in profile. Make sure you get your hands on a bottle or two, because - unless they've got some casks they forgot about lying in a dark corner of their warehouse (distilleries have been known to forget about casks "on purpose" - makes for a nice publicity stunt) it may be a while before the stock maturing at the moment reaches this age.

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