Monday, August 27, 2012

Two new whiskies for Europe at Whisky Live Paris

Whisky Live Paris will feature the launch of two new whiskies for Europe by Nikka and its European representatives at La Maison du Whisky: the Nikka Coffey Grain, a no-age-statement single grain whisky, and a quite affordable (30 Euros) Nikka Blended Whisky. Here are a couple of snaps from the promotional material for these EU-only drinks:


Yokosuka Mike said...

The Nikka Blended looks like the Nikka "All Malt" bottle to me.

Mark @ Malt said...

I'm excited about that Nikka Coffey Grain. The 1995 bottle is in my top 3 whiskies.

Nikka Whisky EU said...

Actually Mike, the Nikka Blended is the same bottle shape as the Nikka Malt Club (though they look very similar).