Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Nikka Single Casks

By Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:
Nikka has two new single cask releases currently available from their Asahi online store here.
They are: Nikka Single Cask Coffey Grain 2000 12YO 55% #231278 and Miyagikyo Single Cask 1996 16YO 750ml 60% #118913. Price for the Coffey Grain is Y7,350 and the Miyagikyo Y10,500.

The Asahi online store only ships domestically, but these single cask Nikka's do have a habit of finding their way eventually to Europe through stores such as The Bonding Dram and Le Maison Du Whisky. Le Maison also has a sister store in Singapore where I have seen similar. The usual dodgy google translation for Nikka's own tasting notes appear on the Asahi shop website. Enough though to give a reasonable idea of what they believe you can expect.


Alan Messini said...

I have a bottle of the Coffey grain on the way by a rather circuitous route (my brother!). The only downside is that it will be the end of September before I get my hands on it!

Nikka Whisky EU said...

Quick comment about the La Maison du Whisky bottlings.

These are different from the japanese releases, as they are casks chosen specifically for the European market by La Maison.

PS: The 2012 batch will be available for tasting at the Paris Whisky Live Sept. 8-10