Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mars Komagatake Single Cask Vintage 1989 23YO 63.5% Cognac Limousin Cask #1060

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

Mars Komagatake Single Cask Vintage 1989 23YO 63.5% Cognac Limousin Cask #1060
Nose: Rich and deep. Old leather chairs, pipe tobacco, mixed herbs, tea, orange, soy/oyster sauce combo, beef stock cubes, pepper, marmelade, pineapple, apricots, chocolate, peat.
Palate: Rich and tangy. Palate smacking. Sweet spice and mixed herbs, old leather, pipe tobacco, marshmellows, marzipan, marmelade, strawberry jam, oak, bonfire smoke. Water brings out the tea, damp forests, pepper.
Finish: Medium length on the flavours from the palate plus some toffee then the trailing bonfire smoke. Love it!


Alan Messini said...

I've just ordered one of these from Claude Whiskies. I see from your photo that this has the smallest bottling run of the 3 & Yuji has already nearly sold out of it. Can't wait to try it! I'll just have to try my luck on the other 2 bottlings when I have a bit more spare cash!
Keep up the good work!

Stefan said...

Of course, you can still buy it at many places IN Japan... It's got the smallest outturn, but people don't exactly go crazy for Mars here - especially when they are on the expensive side. It's very much a niche market. Previous single cask bottlings were on sale for years!! BTW, I've seen it sold for as little as 13,000 yen.

Alan Messini said...

If you factor in the shipping this was not a cheap bottle, but the quality makes it great value! What price can you put on something so special? You remember the buzz it gave you long after you have forgotten the price. Are there more Mars single casks like this? Bring them on!!!