Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mars Shinshu new single casks

By Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:
As previously revealed by Stefan from Tokyowhiskyhub in May from his TIBS/Whisky Live Tokyo 2012 report, there are now some new single cask releases from Mars Shinshu that have gone on sale this week. At the time the distillery presented two different single casks. What wasn't revealed was there is also a Cognac Cask. The three single casks are:

Mars Komagatake Single Cask Vintage 1989 23YO 57.9% American White Oak Cask #1041
Mars Komagatake Single Cask Vintage 1985 27YO 60.7% Sherry Cask #162
Mars Komagatake Single Cask Vintage 1989 23YO 63.5% Cognac Limousin Cask #1060

The picture attached is of the Cognac Cask with all bottles looking the same but obviously details on the label reflect the different casks. Prices in Japan are 15,750 yen for the two '89 bottlings and 18,900 yen for the '85 though this may vary slightly for different retailers. For those having these shipped from Japan to overseas, the prices are respectively 15,000 yen and 18,000 yen. As these are far rarer than say, Karuizawa, I personally think this is very fair. I have purchased all three and hope to have tasting notes on Nonjatta soonish.


Alan Messini said...

These look intriguing. I have a single cask bottling - 1144 bottled at 46% - which I like very much. It looks like I'll have to stretch the budget even further & get some of these!

AL said...

Would love to try these. Do you happen to know of any stores that stock them and will ship to the UK? Many thanks.

AL said...

Brilliant, thanks.

Stefan said...

There's very little to see at distilleries in August, especially the smaller ones, as it is the silent season traditionally, as well as o-bon (when everybody in Japan has about a week off) and the single cask bottlings will most likely be gone by then anyway, so I would plan my visits well if I were you.

Niels Viveen said...

Stefan: I wish I could plan my visits in an other month, but I am team captain of the Dutch team for the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya and can't go to Japan at an other time then August for the next couple of years.
My schedule now is:
8 August : Hakushu
9 August : Shinshu
10 August : Chichibu
11 August : Fuji Gotemba

Then I should have visited all active distilleries in Japan.

Dramtastic: Thanks! If you ever get the chance and are partial to Sherry cask Whisky, please try to find the soon to be released Dutch single malt, Millstone 12yo.
It's awesome. Visited their distillery last week. I guess I could also send you a sample if you want.

Stefan said...

I assume you have made reservations for these visits. Chichibu, in particular, is not open to the public. Fuji Gotemba is not really worth a visit, in my mind. (I have been there several times, but only because I was in the area for other reasons.) There's nothing to see, really, and they don't have any special bottlings either. Of course, if you want to tick it off your list, that's a different story. It's a pretty tight schedule - one visit per day for 4 consecutive days. I've been to all of them, many times, and they're a bit out of the way. I assume you will be driving? If not, you're going to need to set aside a bit of cash for taxis.
Good luck anyway.

Niels Viveen said...

Thanks, akuto san is a friend of mine, so I know I can visit.
I reserved for a tour at Hakushu so thanks for the info.

And Stefan, ever been to Ogikubo Malt Club? It's being held on the 12th.
I'm bringing some Dutch single malts there.

Stefan said...

Never been to Ogikubo Malt Club, even though I only live 15 minutes away and on the same train line. So, you'll be there on August 12th? If you can mail me some of the details, I'll try and be there!