Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kirin 50% Blend

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

Kirin 50% Blend
Nose: Butterscotch, blanched pears, vanilla, creamed corn, oak, mixed herbs, shellfish.
Palate: Creamed corn, green apple skin, butterscotch, rye, red grapes, a tad soapy.
Finish: Short, green apple skins, red grapes, rye, butterscotch. Better than expected, the soapy element and short finish lets it down. About $12 a bottle in Japan.


Anonymous said...

This whisky was rated very highly by Jim Murray this year. Not sure if it's as good as he says but it's definitely great value.

Alan Messini said...

When I was last in Japan I took a bottle of this & a bottle of Super Nikka Rare Old on my travels so I could have my daily dram. Both of these offer a lot of enjoyment for ridiculously little money! At home in Australia you can barely get a bottle of cheap & nasty blended Scotch for the price of one each of these. Bargain!!

jerrychng said...

Where would I find this bottle in Tokyo will be heading there in January 2013. Thinking of buying it to try.

Yokosuka Mike said...

jerrychng, this stuff is available every where. Go to a supermarket and you should be able to get a bottle for around 900 yen.

Fletch said...

Was lucky enough to try a bottle brought back to Toronto by a good friend. I would probably rate it a little higher than dramtastic did...using his scale maybe a 81 or 82 (the bottle was finished some time ago, so working from memory)