Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nikka Rye Base

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

Nikka Rye Base (malt and rye blend). 43 percent alcohol (abv)
Nose: Delightful. Vanilla, rye, rye bread spices (fennel, aniseed, cardamom), ginger bread, malt, caramel, lacquered teak.
Palate: As tasty as the nose is delightful. Again, vanilla, caramels, toasty rye, lacquered teak. Peanut butter, balanced sweet-and-savory spices and plenty of ginger bread.
Finish: Short/medium. Toasty rye, malt, sweet/savory spice combo, a little oak then mint ice cream.
General Comment: Enjoyed by all who tasted this one with me for the first time at Shot Bar Zoetrope Tokyo last year. Glad I now have a bottle.

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