Friday, April 6, 2012

Kawachi "Kizuna" charity project

 Post by Nonjatta contributor Stefan of Tokyo Whisky Hub.

The day after the first anniversary of the Tohoku triple disaster, liquor retailer Kawachiya released three interesting single cask bottlings of which a portion of the profit (1,000 yen per bottle sold, to be specific) goes to charity. It's a timely reminder that many people in the Tohoku region are still suffering, so I can only applaud Kawachiya's decision to keep the need for continued support in the public eye.

Some of you may remember Kawachiya's earlier Suntory single cask releases (particularly their so-called "Elegant 1st Edition"). At some point in 2010, the people at Kawachiya realised that their stock was depleted and so they contacted Suntory to secure a few more casks. After 3.11, everything was put on hold, but soon afterwards the idea grew to release the casks they had selected as charity bottlings.

The three "Kizuna" bottles are Yamazaki single casks: two white oak barrels, one from 1999 (55% abv, 160 bottles) - the other from 1996 (54% abv, 126 bottles ... already sold out), and a so-called "Black Legend" Yamazaki, drawn from a Spanish oak ex-sherry butt, distilled in 1996 and bottled at 59% abv. There are 427 bottles of this Black Yamazaki, so that one may be available for a few more weeks. For more information, surf to


Michio said...

ordered the 'black legend' the other day. first fill sherry yamazaki can't go wrong :)

Anonymous said...

Just tasted the Yamazaki, Black Legend 1996. Beautiful big sherry dram, chocolate, spiced plum, stewed cherry, toffee, red dates... So balance ... It was outstanding!
My best young Yamazaki to date :-)

Malta said...

The darkest "Black Legend" ever from Yamazaki! It was so balance all the elements come together. Alcohol, fruitiness, sherry cask, tannin, acidity...:-)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely outstanding! What a great young sherry cask whisky from Yamazaki. Fascinating! Bravo!
96 pts.

Anonymous said...

Just bought 3 bottles from Kawachiya. I was told the stocks are running low.... Hurry! Crab one while stocks last! Worth buying for further enjoyment :-)
I'm loving it!!!

Anonymous said...

As dark as black ink! As rich as sweet sherry