Saturday, March 3, 2012

Karuizawa Vintage 1999 11-year-old

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

"Karuizawa Vintage 1999 11YO #867. 61.4 per cent alcohol.
Nose: Rich sherry, banana, caramel, butter menthols, brown sugar, wood stain, oak, apricot. Some struck matches.
Palate: Huge hot spices, mixed peel, oak, cocoa, struck matches. Water adds coconut, nougat and ginger.
Finish: Mint chocolate, mixed peel, toffee, tangerine, ginger, struck match, apricot.
General Comment: Bottled on the 6th of september 2011, this may well be the last official bottling from the distillery. Amazing colour for an 11-year-old.


JohnM said...

Is this cask shared with the LMdW one? There's is a 12 yr old, but I'm pretty sure it has the same cask number.

dramtastic said...

I believe so. The Japan release(with official distillery label) just bottled a bit earlier. Only cost me Y7300 or 90 bucks in Japan though.......