Friday, February 10, 2012

Mars New Pot Heavily Peated (10-months-old)

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

Mars New Pot Heavily Peated (10-months-old). 60 percent alcohol.
Nose: A surprising amount going on. Fresh young notes of linseed oil, shoe polish, leather, sump oil, honey, lemon cough drops, burnt corn kernels, flat soda water, wort/hops.
Palate: Peat, of course; chocolate, lemon, sump oil, malt, hops. Surprisingly drinkable neat at 60 per cent. Water brings out some toffee.
Finish: Long on the flavours of the palate with an ashy dryness. If this was a new make Scottish single malt, I'd say Caol Ila.
General comment: Although you can tell this is a relatively immature spirit, there are no harsh acetone notes. Very promising stuff.

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