Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two cool old Suntory ads

These two ads from an old Suntory Red blended whisky campaign (found here) are new to me. Love the look.

 The ad above seemed to be aimed at the younger generation, but would perhaps not be possible nowadays, in these politically correct, health conscious times. The text on the tap just says "Suntory Red,"and the text between the bottle and the drinking man says: "All those youngsters who can drink water should be able to drink Red." The body text at the top right says: "Do you prepare yourself before drinking water. No you are not scared. You drink it in one swig. Take you red in like that! Red is just a little bit heavier than water but much much lighter than your usual whisky. Furthermore, water is tasteless, while Red's taste and flavour... Oh!"

 This ad is also aiming at the same younger generation. The top text says: "Announcing a brand new method to change the rainy season into sun!" The body text at bottom right says: "In the middle of the rainy season, the rain comes day after day. How depressing! How boring! Please put a massive block of ice in the middle of your glass and pour an ample amount of Red, which is currently in fashion. This way you will taste its original soft flavour most acutely. This one glass will make you very happy.". Soft whisky for young people, Suntory Red." Bottom, done during the rainy season. "We will introduce you a method to change rainy into sunny."

Bye Bye 1966! The sky is rusty with smog, but look the sun is renewed again.It wonderful. Happy new year. Cheers cheers cheers. Keep care of soft red this year again.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Two new Yoichi single casks

Nikka whisky announced two new single cask bottlings from its Yoichi distillery today. The lightly peated 1987 (cask no. 112805, 58 per cent alcohol) and more heavily peated 1988 (cask no. 100129, 61 per cent alcohol) will sell in the Asahi Shop for 21,000 yen and 18,900 yen respectively.

Nikka describes the 1987 as hitting the palate with a soft, rounded vanilla sweetness backed up with some malt, creamy bittersweet notes and coffee nougat! The 1988 is less compromising, with more peat and marine tastes.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel (no age statement)

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

The Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel (no age statement). 48 per cent alcohol.
Nose: Juicy. Tropical fruit salad infused crisp oak. Vanilla, passion fruit, lychee, pineapple, pear, strawberry, blueberry bagels. Some hay, bran, cane sugar, currants.
Palate: Lovely. Big sweet-spice hit balanced with a little salt. The spicyness gives a bigger mouth feel than The Hakushu Bourbon Barrel. More of the tropical fruit salad with some added butteriness. Pecans and sweet pear.
Finish: Medium on tropical fruits, blueberry bagels, pecan pie, hint of menthol and well integrated oak.
General comment: Highly recommended.

The Hakushu Bourbon Barrel (no age statement)

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

The Hakushu Bourbon Barrel (no age statement). 48 percent alcohol.
Nose: Fresh oak, pepper, earthy peat, lime juice, soap flakes, cherry blossom, pineapple and a little salt
Palate: Typically clean Hakushu mouth feel. Immediate hit of pepper. Licorice, lime juice, subtle earthy peat, some peanut shell bitterness, strawberry chocolate, menthol.
Finish: Is short-medium on pepper, lime juice, strawberry chocolate then fades to green apples.
General comment: Think of punchier version of Hakushu 12 with some added sweetness.

New bottling of Taketsuru 35

A new limited-edition bottling of Nikka Whisky's pure malt Taketsuru 35-year-old will be available from Dec 1.

There will be a total of 1,000 750 ml bottles available and 50 of those will be available from the Nikka online shop from 10 a.m. on the launch date.

A tasting will be hosted by Nikka's chief blender Tetsuji Hisamitsu at the Blender's Bar in Tokyo from 7.30 pm on Dec. 1. A 30ml glass of the new offering will cost 4,000 yen (compared to the normal 5,000 yen). There is no entry fee. You need to book by telephoning the Blender's Bar, because seats will be limited (03-3498-3338).

I had the very good fortune to try some of the last bottling of Taketsuru 35 when some of Nikka's top brass were entertaining a visiting group from Europe back in 2008, an event which which I rather embarrassingly gatecrashed. The whisky almost made the embarrassment worthwhile. I didn't take a tasting note, but it was absolutely superb.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Owners Cask, Bar Hermit Private Stock Bourbon cask Yamazaki 1996.

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

The Owners Cask, Bar Hermit Private Stock Bourbon cask Yamazaki 1996. 60 percent alcohol.
Nose: Smooth oak, biscuity, vanilla bean, apricot, nectarine.
Palate: Sweet spice, vanilla, sweet orange peel, apricot, vanilla, fresh cream, licorice, oak.
Finish: Again smooth oak, warming sweet spice, creamy, licorice, sweet orange and apricot.

The Owners Cask, Bar Hermit Private Stock, 1996 Yamazaki Sherry Butt

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

Suntory The Owners Cask, Bar Hermit Private Stock, 1996 Yamazaki Sherry Butt. 58 percent alcohol.
Nose: Big sherry, mixed berries, sweet oak, red grapes, vanilla wafer.
Palate: Nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla, sherry, medium-weight dark chocolate, figs, berries, a hint of pine, and just enough tannins to balance the sweetness.
Finish: Clean, warming, spicy, with dark cherry, marzipan, blueberry, mint and again, just the right amount of oak and tannins.
General comment: One to spend 30 minutes nosing. Perfectly balanced and superb.