Friday, September 23, 2011

Ichiro's Malt The Final Vintage Of Hanyu 2000 10-year-old

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

Ichiro's Malt The Final Vintage Of Hanyu 2000 10-year-old. 60.1 per cent alcohol.
Nose: Sandalwood, creme caramel, oak, nectarines, glazed orange slices, candied nuts.
Palate: Sweet and very smooth at 60% abv. More of the candied nuts and sandalwood, all spice, oak, toffee and a hint of pipe tobacco. A little water exagerates the candied nuts and tobacco.
Finish: With water it is smooth, sweet but not cloying on sweet spices, Asian incense, candied nuts and sandlewood.
General comment: Classic Ichiro's, tasty, and very Japanese, if you know what I mean.


chris said...

Wish I bought more than one bottle of this. A nice "heavy" profile

thewhiskydon said...

How many different final vintage were reliesed ?
I thought it would be only one but I have just tasted one with a slightly different label at 59%.

Stefan said...

There were quite a few. "The Final VIntage of Hanyu" are simply releases from the last year of production (2000) at Hanyu.