Saturday, July 9, 2011

Golden Horse Special Blended Malt Whisky

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

"Golden Horse (Toa Shuzo) Special Blended Malt Whisky. 42 percent alcohol.
Nose: Briney and minerally. Some lemon, a little soapy and a floral note. Fairly flat, overall.
Palate: Smooth, a bit creamy. Some malt, nuttiness and musk. A very basic construction, without any real development.
Finish: A bit of malt and musk. Dies a short, simple death with some trailing bitterness. Mineral tastes at the end.


Whisky Critic said...

I thought this stuff was pretty darn bland myself. I usually expect something more complex and original in a whisky.

dramtastic said...

Especially if you've tried the 12 and 14YO's, which are excellent. The 12YO Golden Horse being my favorite whisky.
In saying that, this one only cost me Y500(about AUD$6), so I could afford to take a 'loss'.