Friday, April 8, 2011

Shinshu celebrates resuming distilling

In the midst of the earthquake news, Shinshu distillery appears to have quietly delivered on its promise to resume distilling (previously reported by Nonjatta here).

The Nagano area is a good distance from the main areas hit by the quake, but there has nevertheless been continuous shaking in the Prefecture (as there has been in the Tokyo area, where I live). It seems the staff and their families are OK, and I think production is underway for the first time in years. Good luck to them!

Meanwhile, they are selling a vatted whisky made with spirits from the old Kagoshima distillery and I think at a previous operation in Yamanashi Prefecture . They are calling it "Mars Maltage 3+25." My reading of the information is that the whisky was distilled in Kagoshima and Yamanashi and then matured at the current site in Nagano for 25 years.

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