Monday, March 14, 2011

Whiskyfun devotes the week to stricken Japan

See bottom of post for ways to help

Serge Valentin at Whiskyfun has decided to devote the week to Japanese whisky tastings, starting, of course, with Miyagikyo from the Sendai distillery, which in the middle of the disaster zone. Take a look at his post on the superb whisky they have made.

Serge's Japanese sessions:

I will update the post on the situation at Sendai and other facilities in the area when myself or other get more information. We obviously have to be patient. People have a lot on their plates that is far more important

If you want to help, please consider these options:

Immediate donation via Paypal to various involved charities

Or directly through itunes.

Or directly to:

Japanese Red Cross
American Red Cross
British Red Cross (Japan Tsunami Appeal).
Canpan Fields (Japanese NPO)
Save the Children
Non-Believers Giving Aid (scroll down the page for Japan earthquake relief)
NGO Jen (in English and Japanese)
International Medical Corps
Association of Medical Doctors in Asia

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