Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Karuizawa 1997 for Oxfam

Review by Nonjatta contributor -

Karuizawa 1997 13YO #3312 for Oxfam. 60.2 per cent alcohol.
Nose: Oak, vanilla , sherry, raisins, red grape and a hint of white chocolate.
Palate: Without water, mainly Seville oranges and vanilla. Really needs water to tame it. Not particularly complex, the water brings out some nuttiness--at first creamy, then bitter. Also orange dark chocolate, sherry and more vanilla, but you have to work hard to pick up any of it.
Finish: Is fairly hot with or without water. The spirit actually numbs the palate which makes it difficult to pick up any subtleties. There's a little cigar smoke. Overall, a simple and at times brutal malt that clubs the palate into a fairly useless state of submission. The nose is the highlight.

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