Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Karuizawa 1991 for Oxfam

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:
Karuizawa 1991 19-year-old #3206 for Oxfam 60.8%
Nose: Sweet pipe tobacco, pureed dark summer fruits, sherry, raisins, blood oranges,
Palate: The sweet pipe tobacco dominates at first, then tangy oranges and cigar smoke dryness. Water brings some oiliness to the mouth feel, also dried mushrooms, moss and lemon pepper.
Finish: Long. Cigar smoke, oranges, pepper, vanilla. Drying. It is certainly better balanced than the 13-year-old Karuizawa for Oxfam but, like that one, lacks the complexity and wow factor of the better Japanese Malts.


whiskywall said...

Thanks for the reviews of both of these. From the information it looks like the same casks were also used for the "Noh" series bottling. The distillation dates and ages statements are the same. I will have to double check the cask numbers to confirm.

Ash said...

Drinking for charity? Now there's something we can get all get behind. :D

Michio said...

@whiskywall yeah they are the same as the '91 and '97 Noh bottlings

whiskywall said...

Thanks for confirming Michio