Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Earthquake and Chichibu

Ichiro Akuto at Chichibu Distillery reports that the distillery and its staff are safe. There was damage to a water tank and some fencing. Ichiro is also quoted by David Croll at Whisky Mag Japan as saying there may be some minor damage to bottled stock. But, basically, we are not talking about anything very serious

Just so we are clear about the geography here, Chichibu was affected by the Friday's massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake, but, like Tokyo, it is a very long way from the main disaster areas. I have included the distillery on the disaster map first posted on the Miyagikyo post for reference. (I have put an update on the Miyagikyo post which is in line with earlier reassuring reports.)

View Earthquake and Miyagikyo distillery in a larger map

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