Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chichibu Newborn Heavily Peated

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

Chichibu Newborn Heavily Peated. Cask No.452. 61.4 per cent alcohol.
Nose: Citric peat, diesel, chargilled steak. Water adds some floral notes
Palate: Chargrilled sirloin marinated in Old No.7 sauce with chargrilled eggplant and chargrilled capsicum on the side. Eucalyptus tree regrowth after a bush fire. Camphor, Kippers. Peppery spice, cigar smoke. With water becomes more citric/lemon and chocolatey. Perfectly drinkable neat at 61.4 per cent.
Finish: Peat, peppered gravy, chargrilled steak, cigar smoke, diesel, lemon. Long, warming and drying out at the end.
General comments: I'd heard good things about this. Seems they are true. Amazing balance and complexity for a 3-month-old new make.

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chris said...

I really liked this one too. I am simply amazed with how much flavor gets packed into the malt in such a little amount of time. The Double Matured is good, but in a completely different vein. I also just saw they released the Mizunara Newborn. Let's see if the hits can keep coming.