Sunday, August 8, 2010

Suntory Pure Malt Whisky Tarudashi Genshu 58 percent

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

Suntory Pure Malt Whisky Tarudashi Genshu 58 percent Alcohol

Nose: Oak and toffee. Wine and brine.
Palate: As expected, very punchy at 58%. This one will need water as the hot spices at cask strength overwhelm everything else. With water, this whisky becomes more creamy and custardy. Not particularly malty.
Finish: With water, it is warming, of good length, creamy, spicy with a hint of wine.
General comment: This won't be on the repeat purchase list, but it was fun and worth trying.

Nonjatta note: Although it is called a "pure malt", I think this is actually a Yamazaki single malt. The neck label says it is from 1993 (winter??). I am guessing that means it was distilled in 1993. It was obtained directly from the Yamazaki distillery. "Tarudashi Genshu" can be roughly translated as "Straight from the cask, cask strength."

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