Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nikka Whisky All Malt

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

Nikka All Malt. 40 per cent alcohol.
Nose: Maybe I've been sucked in by the name but this does indeed smell very malty. Lots of chewy toffee, walnuts, fresh cut timber, pears and pineapple.
Palate: Again nicely malty; pineapple, lemon sherbet, walnuts, nutmeg, dried mixed herbs and pepper.
Finish: Medium length: warming, malty and medium spiced.
General Comment: This is a good solid whisky that is reasonably complex. It is easy to drink a few glasses. An everyday drinker that's great value in Japan, at around 1,000 yen.

Nonjatta note: This is an "All Malt blend" meaning that malt (rather than the usual grain) has been distilled in a Coffey still and added to a pot still distilled malt.


TOM said...

Hi Chris,

Thoroughly enjoying your "Ended Up Drinking It!" blog. I'm an absolute novice when it comes to whisk(e)y but I do enjoy sipping some in the evening after a long day of intense cycling.

I find the way you describe the different sensations and flavors when sampling whiskies very fascinating.

Your blog is helping me discover many of Japan's wonderful whiskies and I just wanted to thank you for that!



PS: tried the Nikka All Malt last evening...very good even straight! Can't wait to try the "From the Barrel". Another favorite inexpensive Japanese whisky of mine is Fujisanroku - I like the peat flavor of this one, a bit like Laphroaig....

I also sampled some "fake" (i.e. French-produced) Scotch "Glen Turner" I bought at smelled like cardboard to me!

Nonjatta said...

I think I am right in saying that the "From the Barrel" has just won another prize. Will try to do a post when I get the details. Good whisky. said...

German Tasting-Notes from

In der Nase Aromen von Leder, geräuchertem Fleisch und etwas Rauch und Tabak. Duftet auch nach Gras und reifen Früchten. Im Mund reichhaltig und köstlich. Schmeckt likörartig. Noten von reifen Früchten (wie z. B. Rosinen). Der Abgang ist weich und konzentriert mit Noten von Holz und Gewürzen (Nelken).