Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nikka From the Barrel

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

Nikka From the Barrel. 51.4 per cent alcohol.
Nose: Lots of chunky malt, mixed peel, dried apricots. A bowl of mixed nuts, wood stain and some subtle florals.
Palate: Just excellent! Tons of big beautifully integrated spices, creamy nuttiness, nougat and malty goodness. No need for water with this one as it's perfectly drinkable neat.
Finish: Long, warming, malty, nutty, spicy and mouth coating.
General comment: This is my No.1 "bang for your buck" whisky, bar none. Fortunately, it is not only good value in Japan, but also in Europe and the UK as well. A firm favourite with most of the people I know who've tried it. Sneak this one into your next blind tasting and I defy anyone to pick this as a blend. A two time award winner at the World Whisky awards, I find it very hard to stop at just one glass of this stuff.


chris said...

I really should have picked up a bottle of this stuff. I spoke with the relationship manager at Yoichi and to my surprise he listed this as his favorite Nikka expression.

I believe it is a blend of both Yoichi and Miyagikyou?

nonjatta said...

I am now very intrigued about this whisky. It is definitely a blend and I would have thought the whisky came from both distilleries.

TOM said...

I haven't tasted anything better so far than this From the Barrel. I even prefer it above Hibiki for all its abundance in taste and aroma.

Without a permanent bottle in the house, I would almost feel insecure. May this label be around still until the end of my days...:-)