Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miyagikyou no age statement

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic:

Miyagikyo no age statement. 43 per cent alcohol.
Nose: Pine, lime, green apples/apple peel, liquorice. The malt is there, but is in the background. The description sounds woody/citrusy, but there is also a sweetness there. The oak rears it's head after about 5 minutes, also some soapiness. Definite agave notes after about 10 minutes (nice for me, as I enjoy a good tequila as well).
Palate: Shows plenty of youthful exuberance. Creamy. Brazil nuts, nutmeg, malt and some lemon sherbet sweet tang.
Finish: Nicely malty now. Nutty, sweet spices. Not particularly long.
General comment: I also have a bottle of the Yoichi no age statement. I prefer the offering from Miyagikyo for once. Incredible value for a single malt in Japan at around 1,000 yen.


Basti said...

I've just paid about 1400 yen for the privilege, and at that price it is, of spending an evening with this fine fella. At this age I'd probably take the Yoichi, as Mr. Miyagikyou's a little bit sweet, but at 12yo the Miyagikyou is really quite special.
The distillery is rather close to the 'quake/tsunami zone, and I've heard chatter re. lost stock etc.
Anyone know anything about that?

Nonjatta said...

I you look back a couple of months on this blog you will find lots of discussion of that. Very little damage and none of the staff/families hurt. I have just written something for the Malt Whisky Yearbook 2012 which addresses other fears about the Fukushima sitation and basically says that the area around Miyagikyo seems not to have been seriously affected with levels of radiatioactivity about the same as background level in Norway and tiny bit more than France.