Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Noh whisky Karuizawa 1976 Cask No. 6719

(Imported to Europe by the Number One Drinks Company.)

Karuizawa 1976 (bottled 2009) Cask No. 6719. 63 percent alcohol. 486 bottles

Sniffed neat, this Karuizawa was not backwards in coming forwards: loads of sweet sherry, with a faint pine theme developing. With water, it opened out into freshly sawed wood, caramel, Brazil nuts and ginger.

It was actually quite drinkable without any water, despite the very strong spirits, with a bracing sweet maraschino cherry flavour. After a good splash of water, it remained fairly spirited and uncompromising but a delicious fruity jam flavour developed. I loved the tastes of prunes with very faint hints of wood.

The long finish, which continued the prune and wood themes and eventually developed mustier old wood and tobacco flavours, was where this Karuizawa really came into its own. I fell in love with the finish of the last Noh Karuizawa I tasted, and this one was nearly as beguiling. Very mellow and very satisfying indeed.

Thanks to the Number One Drinks Company for sending the sample. Nonjatta tries to live up to the Drink Blog Code when reviewing samples sent free.

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