Monday, June 14, 2010

Ichiro's Choice Single Grain Whisky 1981

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic
Ichiro's Choice Single Grain Whisky 1981 62.4%
Nose: Smooth for such a high alcohol content; earthy, notes of chocolate, liquorice, orange and asphalt.
Palate: Again, pretty smooth with soft grain, molasses, liquorice, pepper and orange.
Finish: Medium length: soft oak, orange, liquorice, with a mix of some classic rum (molasses) and Bourbon (liquorice, orange) qualities.
General comment: A good if not outstanding grain whisky. Lacks the wow factor.

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Nicholas said...

You can find this one in Europe. Just under a different label: it's bottled by Part des Anges, a small independant bottler operating out of Paris and affiliated with La Maison du Whisky; Here's a link to the page on their site:,4-pda-28-yo.html

There's also an older 1976 which is absolutely superb:,6-lmdw-33-yo.html