Sunday, May 16, 2010

Suntory Pure Malt "Hokuto"

Review by Nonjatta contributor - Dramtastic
Suntory Pure Malt "Hokuto". Aged 12 years. 40 per cent alcohol.
This has the black label and top. There is also a Suntory Hokuto blended whisky with a white label and top.
Nose: A dreamy mix of gentle oak, vanilla, cream, tropical fruits such as banana, papaya (paw paw) and guava.
Palate: Smooth and creamy mouth feel and basically follows the nose, with some white pepper spice thrown in.
Finish: Warming and of medium length. Spicy, oaky and herbaceous.
General Comment: I have loved this whisky from the moment I opened the bottle. Nothing changed tonight. It's been a while since I've tasted the Yamazaki and Hakushu 12 year old single malts, but if memory serves me correctly, I prefer this fruit from the same Suntory tree. Great value too, at about 20 euros in Japan.


JaredHowe said...

I've recently just finished a bottle of the Grant's 12 year old Scotch, which i loved. I'm still a newcomer to the world of whisky and I want to try some new whiskies from other countries now, to compare. Is this a good place to start? For anyone who wants to know more about Grant's they've launched a new website (disclosure: client)

Nonjatta said...

I normally delete commercial promotion comments but since that is whisky related I will leave it up. Please, in future, try not to use a forum which is supposed to be for discussion between readers for naked commercial promotion. It is bad for your client's image.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Suntory this April announced they were deleting Hokuto Single Malt 12YO (but keeping its supermarket cousin Hokuto 50.5). Shame because I thought it was a great dram too...

Yokosuka Mike said...

I couple months ago I wandered into an old corner liquor store in Horinochi (near Yokosuka) and snagged two bottles of Hokuto 12 year old. What a score! This is a fine tasting whisky that was sold at a very reasonable price. My only fear now is that I’ll never find anymore of this excellent pure malt.

Before discovering the Nonjatta blog I rarely went into mom & pop liquor stores because they usually charge full price; I would stick with the large discount stores to get the cheapest prices. However, now I never pass up a small liquor shop because that’s the only place I can find these hard to find whiskies that are reviewed here.


Yokosuka, Japan

Atomas said...

Got this from my brother in Osaka, fantastic stuff. Definitely at least as good as a Bowmore 12yr.

Can't wait for him to bring some more! (He did send me a Yamazaki 10yr too, but I think I prefer this one.

Happy Holidays and stay thirsty!