Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Australian Whisky

The Nant Distillery, Tasmania

This entry is off topic and really just an aide-memoire for further delvings in my own spare time, but Nonjatta does do its best to cover whisky in the wider "Orient" and so I thought I might as well post it for other readers. A while back, I printed out a great pdf guide from Nick's Wine Merchants about Australia's thriving whisky scene.

Here are some of the distilleries mentioned in the Nick's Wine guide:
Lark (Tasmania)
The Tasmanian Distillery (Sullivan's Cove) (Tasmania)
The Nant Distillery (Tasmania)
Hellyer's Road (Tasmania)
Bakery Hill Distillery
Great Southern Distilling Company
Timboon Railway Shed

Some others to look at:
Mackey's distillery (website not complete)
Old Hobart Distillery (website not yet up)
Smith's Angaston (Smith's pdf about its whisky dabbling)
Small Concern (Tasmania)

Plus also some now apparently inactive makers:
Booie Range

Taiwanese whisky is already up and running. Indian whisky is established. Then, there is China (where, hopefully, there must be some more promising shoots than this one), Korea, Pakistan and, of course, New Zealand. If only I had the time and the budget to explore it all.

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