Thursday, January 21, 2010

Interesting article from the Wall Street Journal on Japanese whisky

An excellent article about Japanese whisky has just popped up on the Wall Street Journal website (update: it also made it into the main paper). Kenneth Maxwell, deputy Tokyo bureau chief for Dow Jones newswires, interviewed myself and others about the prospect of Japanese whisky becoming a serious export commodity. Until now, the industry has basically been all about the domestic Japanese market.


Nicholas said...

Paris rocks for Japanese whisky! The guys from the journal contacted me for photos only a few hours ago and already their article is up: I couldn't believe it!

Nonjatta said...

Note to self: need to post about some more about the latest developments from Paris. Next few days. And then the long delayed tasting notes on No. 1's new stuff. Sorry everyone but starting a new job so a bit distracted.

Red said...

Just found your blog -- keep up the good work!

I live in Portland, Oregon, USA, but go to Japan often -- I've been a big fan of Japanese whiskeys for years. Looking forward to following your blog.