Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whisky Live and The Punk Piper

I had forgotten how big Whisky Live Tokyo actually is: thousands of visitors and far more whisky than one man could drink. There were a few fellows who looked as though they had tried, though.

For me, the star of the event was the Yamazaki 1984, which Taylor Smisson and Davin de Kergommeaux both insisted I had to try. Boy, was I glad they did! I will post my comments on that beauty separately.

The other show stealer was "The Punk Piper", aka. Tomohiro Onuki (I have his details if anyone wants to book him), who put on a rousing set with didgeridooist Hashimo Kikimaru and drummer Konishi Hiroto. The entertainment at Whisky Live Tokyo always seems to pull something special out of the bag. Last year it was a whisky themed Noh play! This is part of the reason why Whisky Live Tokyo is much more than just a free booze session. I didn`t get to any of the excellent seminars this year but I heard lots of gossip among the 4,000-odd people milling around the main hall. For instance, the distinct possibility of a proper supply of Japanese single malts to the terribly neglected US market! I will keep you updated if that is firmed up.

A note of caution (March 7, 2009) : Checked out the US distribution rumour with the US end of the deal that was whispered to me. They flat out denied it. Some day, someone is going to pick this ball up and run with it! But perhaps not as soon as I had hoped.

Drummer (Konishi Hiroto) and "The Punk Piper" (Tomohiro Onuki)

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