Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shop info: Shinanoya, Roppongi

Update 6.5.2011: Please see the comments. This branch may have moved.

A word in your shell like ... the Shinanoya store in Roppongi had a few bottles of Plum Liqueur Cask Finish when I looked in there last week. I had heard it was supposed to be distributed only to bars. Perhaps that was just the initial release? Anyway, the price is just short of 10,000 yen. Personally, I think it is a steal but I can't afford it.

The store has a limited but quite interesting Japanese whisky selection. The Shinanoya stores in general are worth popping into if you are looking for the good stuff. Here is a map of their locations. This is the page for the Roppongi store. Here is the Shinanoya website and here is their Rakuten online shop.

I have put the Roppongi store on my map of whisky outlets in Japan and will try to add the others when I have a moment.

Address in Japanese
TEL:03-6439-4708 FAX:03-6439-4707


butephoto said...

Japan are taking a lot of the awards this year. Absolutely fantastic whiskies.

Samuel said...

Well, I went there today - and it would seem that Shinanoya is no more.

My sense of orientation is really bad, but I checked google streetview on location - that red marquee is gone, there is a shop for leather repairs and an empty shop window for a gallery now.
Please tell me that I am wrong or that they moved to another location...


Samuel said...

Ok, seem like they have shops all over Tokyo, including Ginza:

Does anybody know which ones are worth seeking out, whisky-wise?
They all indicate that they sell 洋酒.

Nonjatta said...

I will try to get into central Tokyo and check this out. Thanks for the tip.
Chris, Nonjatta

Samuel said...

I continued my shopping in Ginza, and I can report that the Whisky corners in Matsuya and Meidiya are still more or less the way you described them - certainly no change for the better.

So where do you buy your whisky usually? Online? Visiting the destilleries?
I will try the Shinanoya webshop, though they have only half of their Japanese whiskys stocked.