Thursday, October 30, 2008

Noh Whisky, Karuizawa Single Cask 1995 #5004 (Number One Drinks)

Taste it without water and the Karuizawa 1995 Single Cask (cask number #5004, bottled 2008) is full of character but is not something worth breaking the bank for. Diluted, it is worth investing half your retirement savings in Sub-Prime Brothers plc. and withdrawing the rest to spend on however many cases of the stuff you can get your greasy hands on. I have two small crumpled pages of hastily written notes in front of me which I have delayed to long in writing up. I am not quite sure what some of it means, so I will just copy out the first page:

: pastry dough, plums (green), Demerara sugar, very very faintly ammonic. Taste: Parching. Sweet at first but quickly becomes quite gamey. Meaty soup stock. Bovril. Doesn't sound appetising but quite rounded and satisfying. A salty after taste."
The second page deals with it diluted and I am afraid I descended into mere hyperbole. It seems the closer a drink gets to perfection the less this reviewer is able to capture it in anything other than abstracts and exclamations. So, here, for what it is worth, is what I wrote after dropping a couple of drops of Hakushu spring water into the Karuizawa:
Nose: toffees, sweets, apples, sweeter. Taste: Fantastic!! (double underlined). A real charmer. Cooked apples and dark sugar. Chocolate in there somewhere. Rounded. So classy, so balanced, so right that I can't find the specifics. Contentment. Warmth. Leather chairs and smelly environment destroying fires. Slightly maritime aftertaste."
You get the drift. I liked it very much.

Abv 63.0 per cent
£75.00. Distributed by Number One Drinks.

Thanks to the Number One Drinks Company for sending the sample.
Nonjatta tries to live up to the Drink Blog Code when reviewing samples sent free.


RichWhiteRepublican said...

I love whiskey!

Ingela Gustafsson said...

Do you have any information or tasting notes about this Noh Whisky, Karuizawa Kamiasobi 30 yo 1977 (Number One Drinks)?

Nonjatta said...

The short answer to your question is no. I think the whisky you are referring to is another one of the "Noh" whisky series. It is called "Kamiasobi" on the Maison du Whisky website, if I am not mistaken. Kamiasobi literally means playing with God, I think, and this is connected to Noh, which is a religious form of drama. The actual bottle seems to just refer to Noh and seems to be a joint bottling between No 1. Drinks and La Maison.,8-embouteillage-officiel-30-yo.html
If anybody gets hold of it, I would be very keen to post their tasting notes because the 95 was so good.