Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Two cards

There are two brand new Ichiro's Malt bottlings, all dressed up in funky new red and black labels.

The black labeled "Seven of Clubs" is aged 8 years and finished in refill American oak hogshead. 345 bottles of this. Its red elder brother, "Two of Diamonds" is 17 years oldand finished in a bourbon barrel (259 bottles).

I should mention two other interesting Ichiro bottlings that passed under the Nonjatta radar recently. They are both pure malts (vatted malts, blended malts... whatever you want to call them! 100 per cent malt whiskies from more than one Japanese distillery). These follow on from the pioneering Ginkgo pure malt last year. There is an 46 per cent bottling labeled "MWR" (797 bottles) and a 61 per cent cask strength bottling labeled "Mizunara Wood Reserve". Neither carries an age statement:

The photograph of the black and red label release, as well as the tip for the latest release, is from Katotomo. The Mizunara photos come from retailers' publicity materials.

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