Wednesday, September 3, 2008

List of Ichiro's Malts

The Ichiro's Malt brand has releases so many individual bottlings that it is sometimes difficult for Nonjatta to keep up. Below are a couple that I bumped into along the way and have not tasted. This page is really just an aide-memoire for myself.

Ichiro's Malts not yet reviewed on Nonjatta

Ichiro's Malt Three of Spades. New wood finish. Distilled 2000. Bottled 2007. 354 bottles. 57 per cent.

Ichiro's Malt, Aged 23 years. Bottled 2008. 58.8 per cent.This one won the best Japanese whisky in the over 21 age category at the World Whisky Awards this year. This was rather overshadowed by the headline grabbing success of the Hibikis and Yoichis in the overall grand prizes.

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Francois said...

I just tasted this one yesterday evening in a small upscale bar in Ginza (Enji bar, ginza 7-5-19, 1F). Quite good, ~1400Y for one glass.
I chatted with the barmen who seems to be into whiskies, and i ended up trying a glenlivet 12y old, in a version bottled something like 20-30 years ago. Fantastic, but this time quite expensive (4500y a glass). He had at least 3 bottles of this one, which he said was his favorite whisky of all, and quite different from the more recent versions...