Monday, September 15, 2008

Karuizawa Single Cask 1992 (No. 1 Drinks Co.)

Karuizawa whiskies are rarely boring. This is one of the most interesting and courageous distilleries in Japan. Sometimes, you might add "uncompromising" to that description. I notice, looking down my sidebar, that I have not, until now, gone overboard in my ratings of Karuizawa`s products. Funny that, because I always look forward to pouring their whiskies. Perhaps I am just very boring in my whisky tastes?

Anyway, I loved this one (Number One Drinks Co. Bottling, Karuizawa Distillery, Cask 3330, Distilled 1992, Bottled 2007). A sample was sent to me a while back by the Number One Drinks Company but I held onto my notes because I was afraid of the post getting swamped by the flood of Yamazaki reviews that I have been publishing. So, without further ado:

Smell: At first,there are strong earthy and plastic notes. Sweeter tones emerged: nipped candle smoke, butterscotch hard sweets, honey in warm water. Taste: A big blast, very reminiscent of Karuizawa Single Cask 1986, which is also distributed by the Number One Drinks Co. Again, I was left reeling with the aggressive attack: like chewing green twigs. But this one seemed to be much more under control than its older sibling. There was a passing suggestion of rubber and petrol station forecourt but, when the sweetness came, It tasted of delicious dark chocolate and sweet cigarettes. I don't smoke but it was very moreish. At the end, a saline theme developed. Predictably, it stood up well to a fair dash of water - fizzy, dark chocolate tastes came early - but personally, despite its strength, I would take this one with barely a drop . This is the first Karuizawa I have really enthused over. It will not be the last.

Abv 61.5 per cent
Thanks to the Number One Drinks Company for sending the sample. Nonjatta tries to live up to the Drink Blog Code when reviewing samples sent free.

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Emilien said...

Un karuizawa vraiment différent du code de cette distillerie.
Certaines personnes pourraient être déçues de ne pas retrouver les arômes habituelles.
Mais cette brebis galeuse ne l'est pas tant que ça....