Monday, January 28, 2008

Whisky Magazine Live! in Tokyo

Tickets for Whisky Magazine Live! at the Tokyo Big Sight on February 10 are available at this website. Entrance costs 5,000 yen (6,000 yen on the day) plus 3,000 yen for each masterclass. Alternatively, you can pay 12,000 yen for entrance and three masterclasses.

It is the biggest single event in the whisky calendar in Japan with loads of tasting opportunities and an chance to hear some of the leading names in whisky from across the world. For those particularly interested in Japanese whisky, there are masterclasses from the Miyagikyou and Hakushu distilleries this year. Both classes are in Japanese.

But what caught my eye was this description, way down in the programme of entertainments:
"A first for Live! is the performance of a Noh play about Japanese whisky by the Kami-Asobi troupe."
In the Japanese programme, it says a Noh dance, so a sketch or a section of a play rather than a full blown drama, but in any case, if it is anything like what I am modelling in my head, it sounds like a unique happening.

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