Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shop info: Sake Shop Sato

Bit of a mom and pop store, this one. It's great to be out of those stifling department store halls and walking down the overhead wire festooned side streets of Osaka!

This is a small shop which claims to sell over 500 kinds of whisky. Although I have not been there, they do seem to have a small selection of interesting Japanese malts. Only three types of Japanese malts were listed in their online store when I last looked. However, what they lacked in quantity they made up for in rarity: all were Ichiro's Malts, not just the usual Nikka and Suntory. This sort of small store interest in Japanese premium whisky needs to be encouraged. Sake Shop Sato came to my attention by being first off the mark in Japan, as far as I could see, with the Ginkgo pure malt. They were advertising its availability in their store the day after I posted.

3-5-10 Okamachi Minami
Toyonaka shi
Osaka 〒561-0883
Tel: 06(6855)1903
Fax: 06(6855)3347
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Address in Japanese 佐藤酒店
〒561-0883 大阪府豊中市岡町南3丁目5−10

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