Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ichiro deals new cards

Ichiro Akuto, of Hanyu saga fame, has released four new bottlings for his Ichiro`s Malt Card series:

Queen of Diamonds - Distilled 1985. French Oak cognac cask finish. Alcohol 58 per cent. 223 bottles. Cost: 20,000 yen.

Jack of Spades - Distilled 1990. New American Oak finish. Alcohol 54 per cent. 349 bottles. Cost: 10,000 yen.

Seven of Hearts - Distilled 1990. American Oak Sherry butt. Alcohol 54 per cent. 636 bottles. Cost: 10,000 yen.

Four of Clubs - Distilled 1991. Rum cask finish. Alcohol 58 per cent. c. 9,000 yen. 266 bottles. Cost: 9,000 yen.

All of these are of course single malts and were distilled at the old Hanyu. Like all Ichiro`s Malts I have ever come across, they are not coloured or chill filtered. There are all sorts of tasting notes for the new releases on the Japanese web, mostly from people trying to hawk the stuff, so I think we will wait until someone more reliable tastes them. Another tugged forelock to Katotomo for the tip.

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