Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Fourth Mizuwari Death Match

Whisky in a tin can. Crumbs! I was down at my local convenience store and found this little heresy on sale for 179 yen (75p/$1.50), which is not much more than a coke in these parts. It is actually a mizuwari, rather than a full strength whisky, so I brought him home to challenge for the Fourth Mizuwari Death Match:

The Champion: Nikka Black
The Challenger: Nikka Black mizuwari in a can.

Hey, this can't be right! The challenger is already landing his flying kicks as the champion is still to mixing himself with the regulation mizuwari ice and water. No, the judges say it's fine. Is this all going to be over before it has started? The champion is made of sterner stuff than that. He still on his feet and now he's all mixed and ready to rumble. They are toe to toe.

All you tin can sceptics out there, think again. There is really not a lot of difference between these two. But, hold on, the can is a little bit watery. The champion has just that little bit extra rounded sweetness. Bottled Nikka Black wins on a points decision. Shall we put it down to the excellence of the Nonjatta mizuwari recipe? Let's do that.

The result: Nikka Black retains the boater.

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